Petty Cash Forms

  • Petty Cash is available to schools and/or departments to provide refunds to parents and provide change for student activity events.

    Petty Cash Check Request:  Completed to request replenishment of on-site petty cash, must have forms below attached.

    Petty Cash Balance Sheet: Form to complete to request replenishment of on-site petty cash.

    Petty Cash Voucher: Voucher to be completed each time petty cash is used.

    Petty Cash Log: Log to track the total usage of petty cash.

Other Misc. Forms

  • Other miscellaneous Accounting Services forms.

    Deposit Transmittal Form: Must accompany any non-InTouch deposits submitted to ADC Cashier.

    Intra-District Invoice: To charge another department with the District for activities provided by another department.

    Recode Request Form: To request an expense be moved to a different account than originally charged.

    New Club Account Request: Send email to Accounting Services.


Last Modified on November 17, 2023