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  • College Preparation Timeline

    For Juniors & Seniors            

    August- September 2019

    Get to know your counselor.

    September 2019 Start talking to your counselor about taking the PSAT.

    September - December 2019

    Consider joining clubs or taking part in school activities. This will help when it comes time to work on a resume.

     January - March 2020 Start working on your resume, cover letter, and request teacher recommendation letters from your current teachers. This will help you when it comes time to start filling out applications during your senior


     February 2020

    Register for the spring SAT 1

    or ACT.

     April - July 2020 Consider doing volunteer work or taking summer school courses.

    These will help when it comes time to submit your resume and also prepare you for college courses. Also, it's never too early to start looking at scholarship and college application deadlines! ©


    September - October 2019

    • Attend college fairs, open houses and programs about college
    • Get an idea of the different colleges you're interested
    • Review your grades with a guidance counselor to get an idea of how selective your college choices may be.
    • Join leadership clubs or activities.

    -+ October - December 2019

    • Prepare/update your personal essays, resume and recommendation letters for your college and scholarship applications.
    • Research deadlines for scholarships, grants, admissions applications and financial aid. Submit any applications that are
    • Get test schedules for the spring SAT, SAT II, and
    • Contact Tribal and Alaska Native/American Indian non-profit organizations to ask about scholarships. Apply before their posted deadlines

    December 2019

    Start your FAFSA application.

    February 2020

    Register for the spring SAT or ACT.

    March - May 2020

    • Await your acceptance/rejection letters from schools you applied to and discuss your options with your guidance counselor and parents.
    • Send your acceptance letters by the deadline to your selected
    • Request that your final high school transcript be sent to your selected school.

    June - August 2020

    Attend freshman orientation camp/sessions.

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