Support Services

  • Foster Care Education Program staff coordinate within the school system and community resource agencies to offer services including, but not limited to, the following:

    • Accurate identification
    • Transportation Assistance: to ensure the student will be transported to their school of origin if residing outside of their normal attendance area
    • Student Advocacy: ensure the student has opportunities for the support and guidance needed to progress academically and socially; inform and help students engage in their school environment with special programs and/or extracurricular activities
    • Build Collaborations: designated Point of Contact (Foster Care Liaison) facilitates cooperation between the Office of Children’s Services and each student’s school; uphold confidentiality in the sharing of timely and pertinent information; maintain up to date records regarding contact information – legal guardian, fostering parents, social worker and other relevant safety issues
    • Training and Professional Development: Educate school and child welfare teams about the educational rights of students in foster care and on the impact trauma has on a student’s academic and social/emotional development; assist in implementing supportive measures to address and overcome student’s unique challenges in their school environment