• Children and youth in foster care face many barriers to accessing and successfully completing their education. They are at higher risk for experiencing short- and long-term challenges in school. Adverse childhood experiences of abuse, neglect and family dysfunctions are the root cause of many academic, social and behavioral problems. These have the potential to prevent a student from receiving the full benefits from their school and education. Building relationships and maintaining connections within the school environment are essential for students to reach their full academic potential. 

    Our services include:

    • Accurate identification
    • Transportation Assistance: to ensure the student will be transported to their school of origin if residing outside of their normal attendance area
    • Student Advocacy: ensure the student has opportunities for the support and guidance needed to progress academically and socially; inform and help students engage in their school environment with special programs and/or extracurricular activities
    • Build Collaborations: designated Point of Contact (Foster Care Liaison) facilitates cooperation between the Office of Children’s Services and each student’s school; uphold confidentiality in the sharing of timely and pertinent information; maintain up to date records regarding contact information – legal guardian, fostering parents, social worker and other relevant safety issues
    • Training and Professional Development: Educate school and child welfare teams about the educational rights of students in foster care and on the impact trauma has on a student’s academic and social/emotional development; assist in implementing supportive measures to address and overcome student’s unique challenges in their school environment