Student Activities

  • FNSBSD will strive to continue our activities to the fullest extent practical and intend to take responsible measures to promote the safety of all participants, coaches, staff, and supporting families. The district is using Alaska School Activities Association (ASAA) event and practice protocols to inform our event guidelines and mitigation plan.


    Please see the updated Memo from ASAA dated October 13, 2020 regarding the cancellation of all 2020 Fall State Championship Events and postponement of all other activities until the adoption of a revised calendar.


    Please review the following information provided by ASAA:

    During their October 13, 2020 meeting the ASAA Board of Directors took the following actions.  This communication is intended to clarify to the member school districts the impacts of those actions.
    “Motion to cancel all state championship events scheduled to take place prior to January 1, 2021.  Regions may continue to host regional championships.”
    Football and Football Sideline Cheer:
    As a result of this action taken by ASAA, the state football playoffs are cancelled.  However, schools may continue to play football games within their ASAA Region.  DIII and DII teams may play until October 24, while DI schools may play until October 30, 2020.  
    Flag Football, Gymnastics, Swim & Dive, 2A/3A/4A Volleyball, Rifle and Bowling
    Schools may only play within their geographic or ASAA Regions and must complete any competitions by November 21, 2020.  
    Esports, Rifle and DDF
    If the competition can be done in a virtual format, schools may participate with schools outside their geographic or ASAA Region, but may no longer participate after November 21, 2020.
     Explanation on Geographic and ASAA Regions Limitations: As many Region 2 schools overlap geographically with Region 3, 4 and 6 schools, they may continue to compete with all competitions being completed by November 21, 2020.  
    “Motion to postpone all state activities not already started to a season to be determined.”
    All remaining ASAA Activities will be rescheduled.  This includes the following activities:  Hockey, Hockey Sideline Cheer, Nordic Ski, Wrestling, Basketball, Basketball Sideline Cheer, Esport (Spring Season), Track & Field, Soccer, Coed Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Mix-6 Volleyball, DDF, World Language, Student Govt (Spring Conference), All State Art and Solo & Ensemble.  
    Plan of Action: 
    ASAA has formed a Calendar Revision Committee made up of one member from each Region.   The Committee will meet and present a plan to the ASAA Board of Directors at their upcoming November 9, 2020 meeting.  The Board will then review the recommendations.  The Board may choose to make further changes to the recommendations, but will attempt to take action in a timely fashion.


    Anyone who is displaying symptoms of the disease may not participate in any activities and must maintain social distancing.


    Spectator Guidelines 

    • Masks must be worn at all times. Those choosing not to wear a mask will be asked to leave. 
    • No spectators in a high risk environment for indoor activities 
    • All spectators will have their temperatures taken and health screening questions asked prior to admittance into school or facility. 
    • All spectators are required to maintain 6 feet of social distancing from other spectators and 12 feet from any players or participants  
  • For the Athlete

    Student Activities is a great opportunity for students to be involved in school outside of academics.  The resources below are required for student participation in conditioning activities! 



    Alternative Education Students

    For students participating in an accredited home school program wishing to participate in high school interscholastic activities may fill out the attached forms and provide the required documentation to try-out at their attendance area school. These forms, as well as the COVID Waiver Form, should be returned to the school. For further information please view our High School Activities Handbook. 

  • For the Coach

    The role of the Coach is more than teaching them the game, it is about being a leader to students, inspiring them to do their best all while keeping them safe.  Below is a list of tools and requirements for you to use in your coaching role.


    • FNSBSD Training Courses
      • Coach Orientation Training
      • Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse Training
      • Bloodborne Pathogen Training
      • ALICE Training (optional for non school staff)


    • ASAA Courses
      • Fundamentals of coaching NFHS Course
      • ASAA Policies and Procedures
      • Current First Aid Certification
      • Concussion Awareness Training
      • NFHS Sudden Cardiac Arrest Course



    Coach's Checklist



Last Modified on October 15, 2020