•  Quick Overview

    InTouch Receipting is the School District's efficient, easy to use business management software for school and department staff.  InTouch can quickly and accurately track student fines, fees, purchases, not sufficient funds (NSF) checks, activities, athletics, fundraisers and more while providing quick, accurate information to students, parents, teachers, and staff

  • Timeline

    The InTouch is being implemented in phases in order to consolidate the several areas that generate fine and fee into a single system.

    August 2020

    • Destiny is populating the students' library, textbook, etc. fines
    • School staff are applying course and Destiny payments to the student accounts
    • School staff request items to be created (sports, spirit wear, field trips, AP exam fees, etc.)

    September 2020

    • 9/14: Course fees for Semester 1 (S1) and Quarter 1 (Q1) will be due
    • 9/14: PowerSchool course changes for S1 and Q1 stop
    • School staff continue requesting non-sport items to be created (spirit wear, field trips, fundraisers, etc.)

    Fall 2020

    • 11/2: Course fees for Quarter 2 are due
    • 11/23: PowerSchool S2, Q3, and Q4 start populating
    • District continue installing all-in-one InTouch Computers with cash drawers at Middle and Elementary school

    Spring 2021

    • 2/2: Course fees for S2 and Q3 will be due
    • 2/2: PowerSchool course changes for S2 and Q3 stop
    • 3/22: Course fees for Q4 are due

    Long-term goals for the 2020-2021 school year

    • All locations utilizing the credit card system and cashless receipts where possible
    • On-boarding all sports activities, including gate and concessions
Last Modified on August 28, 2020