2019 PEAKS Reports

  • The following are summaries of the PEAKS testing results from the 2018-2019 school year by school.

    Achievement Levels

    Overall scores on the PEAKS Assessment are divided into four achievement levels: Advanced, Proficient, Below Proficient, and Far Below Proficient.


    Scale Scores

    The number of students, median scale score, mean scale score, and the standard error of the mean are reported at the school, district, and state level in the table below. The median is the middle score in the ordered list of all students’ scale scores and is shown by the colored bar. The symbol shows the mean, or average, of all the students’ scale scores; the dark circle is the mean and the lines on either side of the circle represent two standard errors of the mean.

    For more information, see the Educator and Parent Guides to Reports.

  • Have a question about the PEAKS assessment? Check out the 2019 PEAKS FAQ.

2018-2019 District Summary Reports

2018-2019 School Detail Reports