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Alaska Safe Children's Act

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    Many states, including Alaska, have passed laws with the intent of increasing the awareness of child sexual abuse and dating violence. You may have heard of this legislation under the more common name, Alaska Safe Children’s Act or Erin's and Bree’s Law.

    AS 14.30.355 (Erin’s Law) in honor of Erin Merryn, who has crossed the country advocating for laws that will increase awareness of this crime against children, requires that the governing body of each school district to adopt and implement a policy, establish a training program for employees and students, and provide parental notices relating to sexual abuse and sexual assault awareness and prevention for students enrolled in grades kindergarten through twelve.

    AS 14.30.356 (Bree’s Law) in honor of Breanna Moore, a 20-year old Anchorage women who tragically died as a result of dating violence and whose parents are strong advocates for healthy relationships and dating violence awareness and education, requires that the governing body of each school district shall adopt and implement a policy, establish a training program for employees and students, and provide parental notices relating to dating violence and abuse in grades seven through twelve. A training program adopted under this section must emphasize prevention and awareness.

    Nationwide, 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be the victim of child sexual abuse by the age of 18. In 2015, the Alaska Office of Children’s Services investigated 1,272 reports of sexual abuse of children perpetrated by members of the immediate or extended family. In 2015, 1 in 10 high school students had been physically abused by their dating partner and 1 in 10 had been sexually abused by their dating partner. (Alaska Youth Risk Behavior Survey).

    FNSBSD will provided age- appropriate lessons on sexual abuse awareness/prevention and dating violence awareness/prevention. Through this program aimed at educating and empowering students, we want to provide your student with the knowledge and skills to use if ever affected by sexual abuse or dating violence.

    Alaska Safe Children's Act- Learning Objectives

    Bree’s Law Education is comprised of three separate age and developmentally appropriate bands for grades 7/8, 9/10, and 11/12. Each grade band contains 5 modules that are approximately 30-45 minutes long.  It meets the full requirements for student training under the Alaska Safe Children’s Act, including requirements for Bree’s Law and Erin’s Law and is designed to help prevent childhood sexual abuse and teen dating abuse. 


    The five modules for each grade are organized around the following topics: 

    • Module 1: Defining Healthy Relationships (30-45 minutes) 
    • Module 2: Building Healthy Relationships  (30-45 minutes) 
    • Module 3: Defining Unhealthy Relationships  (30-45 minutes) 
    • Module 4: Warning Signs (30-45 minutes) 
    • Module 5: Help and Support (30-45 minutes) 


    For more information, visit the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development's website at

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Parent Toolkit (K-8)

  • Safer Smarter Kids

    The Safer, Smarter Kids Parent Toolkit is an interactive web tool designed to educate and encourage conversations between parents and children about making safer and smarter choices to protect against abuse. The tool leads families through scenarios to practice safe choices, videos to learn valuable lessons, and child and parent tips.

    Link to Parent Toolkit

Safe Dates (Grades 6-12)

  • Safe Dates

    The Safe Dates program includes school (primary prevention) and community (secondary prevention) activities. School activities promote the primary prevention of dating violence perpetration by changing norms associated with partner violence, decreasing gender stereotyping, and improving conflict management skills.

    Safe Dates- Additional Information