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    2022 Alaska Poetry Out Loud 

    2022 is the 16th anniversary of Poetry Out Loud.  Rather than being a simple exercise in memorization, learning to recite poetry encompasses college and career-ready skills, including structural analysis, interpretation of meaning, point of view, close-reading and the use of higher order thinking skills.

    District Competition
    Date: February 1, 2022

    The district competition winner will represent the FNSBSD in the state competition.  The winner's travel expenses to the state competition are sponsored by the Alaska State Council of the Arts (ASCA). 

    State Competition
    Date: March 7 - 14
    Location: Juneau

    State Finalists for Alaska's 2022 Poetry Out Loud State Competition:

    Bergen Kludt-Painter - Petersburg High School
    Brenna Keith - West Anchorage High School
    Brielle Lorentzen - Tanalian School
    Caitlyn Greenleaf - Whitestone Farms Training Center
    Callia Fielding - Skagway School
    Claire Moreland - West Anchorage High School
    Imani Zaidi - Chugiak High School
    Madelynne Brehmer - North Pole High School
    Mariah McGuire - Homer High School
    Naomi Tidwell - Ben Eielson Jr/Sr High School
    Nikolai Chavez - Whitestone Farms Training Center
    Rayana Proch - Upstream Learning

    Congratulations to all of the students, teachers and parents!

    Thank you!!

    Amanda Filori
    AK POL Coordinator


    Poetry Outloud Statewide results:



    Madelynne Brehmer, a student from North Pole, was the runner up in the 2022 Poety Out Loud Competition.







    State Contact:  pol@jahc.org

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