• 2020 College & Career Fair
    October 13 & 14, 2020
    Virtual event hosted by University of Alaska Anchorage

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    The in-person Fairbanks event is cancelled.  Instead, students can attend a virtual College and Career Fair hosted by UAA.  


    The goal of the virtual college and career exploration program is to provide students with a wealth of college and career training search information, allow them to learn about different institutions, and ask questions of admissions counselors, all in a safe, flexible, online format.  The virtual program will consist of both panel presentations and a more traditional college and career and career fair experience, where students will be able to get exposure and interact with a large number of organizations in a two-day program.


    This event is free and open to all Alaskan high school students. Students will register for the events that are of interest to them rather than just registering for the College & Career Fair. Recordings of these sessions will be made available after the event.


    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 4:00-7:45 PM
    Panel Presentations
    Select from 20 panel presentations on college knowledge or career exploration topics or affinity groups of colleges. This comprehensive program provides students and families with a wealth of college search information. Hosted over a four-hour period, consisting of five concurrent sessions in each 45-minute block.


    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 12:00-3:45 PM
    6x6 Virtual Fair Sessions
    Similar to an in-person fair, students get exposure to a wide variety among over 100 colleges and career opportunities in a short amount of time. Hosted over a four-hour period, StriveScan’s 6×6 Virtual Fair format consists of a selection of concurrent 45-minute sessions in which six institutions each present for six minutes.


    For more information, visit the UAA website.  


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