Student Support Team

  • What is a Student Support Team (SST)?
    The FNSBSD is committed to meeting the individual needs of all our students. One way schools work towards this goal is through a team process involving parents and school staff. Student Support Teams (SST) are created for just this purpose. SST meetings offer the opportunity for sharing information, generating new ideas, and implementing new strategies to support student progress. One might think of the SST as a "think tank," a peer group, or a forum for structured and routine focus on addressing student needs. SST is a common sense approach that offers a systematic process to successfully close the gap through which students have traditionally fallen.


    What is the goal of the SST?
    The SST builds on existing services and efforts in order to upgrade the school's ability to respond effectively to student needs. It has a vital role in creating a high achieving school as expressed in the following goals:

    1. Enable teachers to teach students more effectively.
    2. Enable students to acquire academic and social competencies, achieve standards, and become independent learners for life.
    3. Create a collaborative culture amoung all staff.


    Who is a part of the SST?
    A variety of people are invited in order to bring their expertise and insight to the meetings. This includes parents/guardians, the classroom teacher, and principal. Others that might be invited to meetings are the school counselor, speech language therapist/pathologist, resource teacher(s), specialist (PE or Music), nurse, and additional or previous teachers.