Software Requests

  • Using & Purchasing Software

    You've found this great program/tool/platform and would like to use it for your work or with your students. Now what? Can you use it on a District device? Can you register your class? Will the Help Desk be able to troubleshoot any issues? Will an Instructional Technology Coach be able to provide additional support? Before you sign up, download, attempt to install, or purchase any type of software product, make sure you understand the District software review process.

  • How do I submit software for review?

    Step 1: Determine if the software will be CORE or SUPPLEMENTAL.

    Core Software is District approved AND supported. Support for software includes instructional assistance, technical support and troubleshooting. It has been evaluated for educational relevance and meets specific technical standards which allow it to be efficiently distributed and supported by District personnel. If issues are experienced with core software, work orders can be created and District staff will troubleshoot the issue. 
    Supplemental Software is District approved, but unsupported. The software undergoes a limited review for curriculum relevance and installation standards. However, supplemental software does not qualify for instructional assistance, technical support, or troubleshooting from District personnel as it has not been fully evaluated. Supplemental software is used solely at the discretion of the teacher with no implied District support.

    Before submitting a request for supplemental software, check the TechWeb list to see if your software has already been vetted and approved for use in the District.


    Step 2: Submit your request for review. 

    For CORE software requests follow these steps:

         1. Download and complete the Software Request Form.

    Note: To use the fillable form, do not complete while online. Download the form to your computer, fill it out, save it, then attach to work order.

         2. Create a work order for Teaching & Learning-Other and attach the completed software request form.

         3. The Software Steering Committee will evaluate the software.


    For SUPPLEMENTAL software requests follow these steps:

         1. Create a work order for Teaching & Learning-Other and include all of the following:

              a) Name of the software,

              b) URL associated with the software,

              c) Intended audience,

              d) Intended use,

              e) If paid subscription, indicated type (ex. basic, plus, premium) and length of term


    Step 3: Once the review process has been completed, you will be notified of the outcome and given next steps.



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