• Every teacher and other staff member can be an instructor of record for the continuing education credit class. You need to have a Master's or Bachelor's degree with experience in the area you wish to teach.

    For a proposed class, there are three forms to be filled out and submitted:

    Syllabus Template - this is a template that contains comments and guidelines how to create a class proposal. Please modify lines and sections that are highlighted in yellow; read the instructions highlighted in green; and leave the other sections as they are.

    Hour requirements:

    1 credit - 15 contact hours in class + 30 hours of work outside of the class

    2 credits - 30 contact hours in class + 60 hours of work outside of the class

    3 credits - 45 contact hours in class + 90 hours of work outside of the class


    Course Initiation Form - this is a fillable document containing main information about the class. Please fill out only sections that contain grey prompts (e.g., course name, semester, instructor of record, etc.) as other sections are already correctly populated (sponsor district district contact person, or payment section).

    Instructor Contact Information - this form requires your home address and business address, which is the school district. 

    Instructor resume - the last document needed is your updated resume.

    Please send all completed documents to Alica Unruh at alica.unruh@k12northstar.org or contact her, if you have questions.