Summer 2021

Summer Schedule

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  • This schedule will be updated as more professional learning options become available.


    2021 REACH Alaska Teacher Workshop (1 credit)

    Organizer: University of Montana, School of Public and Community Health Sciences

    Audience: MS and HS teachers who want to incorporate scientific research in their classrooms

    Dates: August 3-4, 9:00am - 3:00pm

    Location: UAF Campus

    Description: The University of Montana’s School of Public and Community Health Sciences REACH Program provides students the opportunity to learn about scientific processes by doing science. Using the overarching themes of particulate air pollution and cardiovascular health, teachers and students will have access to instruments and curriculum activities as well as mentoring by university research professionals enabling students to design and conduct a scientific investigation. Students will then have the opportunity to present their science research findings before their peers at an exciting AirQuality Symposium. In addition to the science research opportunities for their students, teachers will have access to ongoing professional development through workshops, video conferences, and campus visits.

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    Fire & Ice Project (1 credit) - only 16 slots available, register soon

    Organizer: UA EPSCor

    Audience: grade 3-5 teachers

    Dates: August 9-10

    DescriptionThe curriculum engages students in observation and science sense-making through fun, interactive activities such as storytelling and gameplay. The lessons explore wildfire as a naturally occurring cycle that can be influenced by human activities.


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    Resource Building for ELA teachers of Young Adults (2 credits)

    Instructor: Rachel Reilly

    Audience: 9-12 ELA teachers

    Dates: May 25th-August 16th (two meetings in person--others online)

    Description: Are you teaching any of the new High School ELA courses? Take Resource Building for ELA Teachers of Young Adults and get credit for gathering, developing, and organizing resources for the new and revised classes, including:  World Literature, Brit Lit, Holocaust Lit, Social Themes in Literature, and the two American Voices electives. 


    Selecting High-Quality Texts for Young Adult Readers: (1 credit)

    Instructors: Rachel Reilly & Nicole O’Donnell

    Audience: Any teacher who is interested in reading and evaluating texts for our high school supplemental book lists.

    Dates: May 26th-July 28 (all online)

    Description: Come join our summer book club for teachers! Get credit for reading, discussing and reviewing books with a focus on evaluating them for being included in our approved supplemental text lists. 


    Reflective Teaching Practice: Repacking Your Bag: (2 credits)

    Instructors: Nicole O’Donnell, Mackenzie Rosenthal, and Tara DeVaughn

    Audience: All teachers K-12, we will cohort by grade level (K-6/8 and 7-12)

    Dates: July 19 - November 1 (all online - Thursday evenings)

    Description: Join a cohort of teachers working together to plan for the fall. What do you plan on keeping from remote/hybrid instruction?  What are you throwing out?  What do you need to tweak?  Our main question is: how can we leverage what we learned during the 2020/2021 school year?

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    Reflective Teaching Practice: Implementing New Math Materials: (1 credit)

    Instructors: Mackenzie Rosenthal and Tara DeVaughn

    Audience: All math teachers K-12, cohorts by grade level (K-6/8 and 7-12)

    Dates: July 19 - October 1 (all online - Tuesday evenings)

    Description: Participants will work in grade level teams to explore online and print resources included with new math materials.  Plan activities, lessons, interventions, and units within their grade level/course teams.  Reflective teaching practices will be used throughout to discuss successes and struggles.


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    Secondary Literacy Across all Content Areas: 

    The Reading and Writing Connection to Critical Thinking

    Instructor: Rhonda Harvey

    Audience: All Secondary Content Area Teachers 7-12

    Credits: 1-3 depending on the pathway


    Summer Intensive:  July 19-23 (8:30am-3:30pm)

    JumpStart Camp: July 26-August 6

    Implementation: September 8 - November 15; Wednesdays

    Description: Choose your own adventure in the world of secondary literacy.  Begin with a one-week intensive course discussing science and the reading brain, how to implement research-based literacy practices and how they differ by content area, how to build vocabulary across content areas, and how to develop critical thinking activities that support all learning.  For the second week, join us for a jump start literacy camp for 7th and 8th grade students, implementing the practices learned during the intensive.  Finally, choose the implementation class to continue refining the strategies learned during the intensive course.  Reflective teaching practices will be used throughout to discuss successes and challenges.  Each portion is one credit, and you may choose your participation level.


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    Personalized Study for Improved Instruction (1 credit)

    Instructor: Alica Unruh

    Audience: K-12 teachers

    Dates: June 2 - July 30 (online)

    Description: This course addresses individual professional learning needs of FNSBSD educators as guided by the Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. During this self-guided course teachers will explore a topic of their professional interest. They create a personalized learning plan that includes a topic, goal of study, and final project. At the end of the class, teachers will demonstrate their mastery through the project they create for their classrooms.


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    Writing Across Curriculum in K-8 Classes (1 credit)

    Instructor: Michelle Daml

    Audience: K-8 teachers

    Dates: June 13 - October 1 (online)

    Description: This class will explore the writing programs the FNSBSD has access to (Step up to Writing, Thinking Maps, 6 traits etc.) plus those embedded in our currently adopted K-8 ELA programs.  Participants will be able to chose/research one of these programs. Then participants can use the writing program in their classroom and become proficient with best practices in writing across content areas. Register here.

Summer Classes Offered by Prince William Sound College

  • To register, please use the link on individual flyers.

    Reimbursements for travel expenses is be arranged between individual participants and PWSC. 

    If you have questions, please contact Ms. Bobowski at 907-822-3673 or

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