• Scholarship Information

    Key: Get Organized

    1. Create a Scholarship Portfolio with the following tabs:

    • Completed Letter of Recommendation Request Form
    • Official Transcripts
    • Unofficial Transcripts
    • Test Scores
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Scholarship Schedule 
    • Copies of completed scholarships

    2. Visit your School's Counseling Office, to request the following information:

    • 5 copies of your Official Transcripts (after January 27, 2025, get updated Official Transcripts)
    • 5 copies of your Unofficial Transcripts (after January 27, 2025, get updated Unofficial Transcripts)
    • 3 copies of Test Scores: ACT, SAT, etc.

    3. Acquire Letters of Recommendation. Fill out Letter of Recommendation Request Form. Copy it 10 times to give out to different people (teachers, advisors/coaches, counselors, employers, clergy, life-long friends of the family, etc.). Give writers two weeks to write the Letter of Recommendation. Make sure you write down the date that YOU need to pick the letters up from the writer!

    4. Research for scholarships

    5. Read the application carefully, especially the eligibility requirements, and follow ALL directions.

    6. For your essays, you are welcome to ask people to proofread them for you! 

    7. Once the scholarship application is completed, copy the entire thing for your records. This is very important! You might need to refer back to it.

    8. Mail BEFORE the postmarked date and/or deadline, sometimes it takes two weeks for mail to get to the lower 48 😳

    9. Annotate on your Scholarship Schedule the required information. This information will be useful at tax time.

    10. It is very important to inform your School Counselor when you are awarded a scholarship. He/She will want to know the name of the scholarship and the amount awarded for graduation purposes.