Recess at -20

  • Preparing for Winter

    - Dress your students to stay warm and dry outside. Students go out to recess until it is -20 degrees. Students wear their school clothes under their cold-weather gear. When they get to school, they take their cold-weather gear off and put on their gym shoes. When they go outside or leave for the day, they take off their gym shoes and put on all their cold-weather gear. This process is for the safety of our students.

    - Make sure your contact information is accurate in your student's school record. This is the contact information that will be used to send out school closure notifications by text, email, and recorded phone calls. School office staff can help parents and guardians update their information.

    - If your student rides a school bus, visit the FNSBSD Transportation Department website to see if your route has any alternate stops that may be activated when road conditions in the hills are dangerous for buses. Families can submit for bus deviations to their schools ahead of time to prepare for inclement weather. 

    - For more information, please see this link: Extreme Winter Weather


Winter Gear Requirements

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