Mission Statement & Philosophy

  • Mission 

    The District will support, develop, and expand quality art instruction at all levels. To maximize student success, the district will support art educators and classroom teachers in ongoing professional development.

    The Fairbanks North Star Borough Art Curriculum will include:

    • Classroom opportunities appropriate to students’ intellectual and physical levels
    • Art lessons that reflect historical, multicultural, and community respect
    • A positive climate to encourage exploration and reflection
    • Opportunities to promote and recognize students’ intellectual and artistic development
    • Transferable knowledge and skills that provide for future growth and development links from visual arts to other disciplines
    • Technological resources and support
    • Opportunities to share student work at local, state, and national levels
    • Support for student instruction with ongoing professional development for teachers 


    Art is a universal language bridging time, culture, and national barriers. It continually reflects and preserves society. Art Education is a discipline in which a student actively participates intellectually, emotionally, socially, and aesthetically. It is an integral part of the core curriculum and has a fundamental presence in all curricular areas.

    The growth and development of each individual is enriched through art education since it celebrates uniqueness, self-expression, and diversity. Art appreciation and production activities encourage critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. It provides a means for appreciating and respecting ourselves and others.