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Art Kits

  • Detailed Instructions for Art Kit Check-out Go to

    1. Select your school
    Login with your f# and password (the login button will be in the TOP RIGHT CORNER of your screen)
    For a basic search for a kit you know the title of:

    2. Click the catalog tab in the top left corner, uncheck the location box next to your schools library, check the box below next to district media.

    District media has a pull down menu. Scroll to the Art Center.

    • Click in the find box
    • Enter your search term (ie Picasso). This is a “keyword search”.
    • If you know the full title you may select “title search” - (It would be rare to use the “author” “subject” or “series” searches)                                      

    SEARCH TIP: To search by grade level, do a keyword search putting quotations on either side of your grade level like this: "kindergarten", "grade 1", "grade 2", "grade 3", "grade 4", "grade 5", "grade 6" and/or "adaptive".

    4. Select the kit you want by clicking on the title of the kit. If this is what you are looking for, click the “book it” button in the top right hand corner.
    [if it is not the kit you want, use the “breadcrumbs” underneath catalog tab on the green bar do not use the back button on the search engine to get back to your search results]

    5. To select dates for your kit, use the calendar on the right-hand side of the screen. Advance the calendar to select the month you wish to view. Dates in white are available, red unavailable, grey are weekends. Select the start date you want. The system will automatically give you a return date. You may select a shorter time frame by manually typing in your exact dates. A longer time frame requires another booking.
    If you change your mind before booking (before pressing save), physically erase the dates in the date windows.

    6. Check to make sure ship to patron site is selected by the bold Art Center information at the top of the screen.

    7. Once you have finalized your dates, click the SAVE button. A confirmation message will appear.

    8. To continue searching for your next kit, you can either click on the catalog tab and enter a new search term, or use the breadcrumbs on the green bar to get back to your original search results.

    9. Keep track of your bookings through the My Info tab


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.