Hutchison High School Tech Prep Classes

  • Fall 2022 Classes:  


    CTEE305 Small Engines 1A - Boyarsky

    MA286 Math in Health Care - Brown

    CTEK135 Introduction to Healthcare Occupations - Eilers


    Spring 2023 Classes: 


    CTEE306 Small Engines 1B - Boyarsky

    MA281/282 Math for Trades & Technical Careers - Brown

    CTEC105/106 Architectural Drafting 1A & 1B - Daley

    CTEC103/104 CAD Drafting 1A & 1B - Daley

    CTE501/5022 Welding 1A & 1B - Daley

    CTEC5022/5044 Welding 2A & 2B - Daley

    CTEK102/103 Medical Terminology 1A & 1B - Eilers

    CTEK137 Human Behavior in Health Care - Eilers 

    CTEJ107 Graphic Design & Multimedia - Johnson

    CTEM101 & 102 Video Production 1A & 1B - Johnson

    CTEM401 & 402 Digital Photography 1A & 1B - Johnson

    CTEC101 & 102 Drafting 1A & 1B - Ratzlaff



    All students will need to fill out the Parent/Guardian Agreement form and the FERPA form.  

  • *Deadline - 2ND Monday in May (5-8-2023)*


    The UAF Community & Technical College is moving to an electronic enrollment process for Tech Prep. 

    Students interested in earning university credit please contact UAF Community & Technical College via email at to receive Docusign® registration forms.    

    Please be sure to include the following information in your email: Fall or Spring class, class name, and teacher from the list above in order to receive the correct enrollment forms.   

    *If you do not wish to register via Docusign®, see your teacher for paper forms or click the links above to print individual forms.  Paper forms can be dropped off at the address below.  



    604 Barnette Street, Room 110

    Fairbanks, AK 99775-8040

    Phone (907) 455-2851 or (907) 455-2874 or Fax (907) 455-2828 


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