DeWild Theatre

  • The DeWild Theater is located at the main entrance to West Valley High. This venue is excellent for lectures and smaller productions for audiences up to 245 attendees.

  • Click and drag over image to explore the 360° view of the DeWild Theatre.

  • Eugene DeWild


    DeWild Theatre is named in recognition of Eugene DeWild’s professional and educational career spanning five decades and his commitment to teaching speech and theatre in Fairbanks’ public schools.

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    (907) 452-4461 x 15221

  • FNSBSD requires Commercial General Liability Insurance at a minimum of $1,000,000 and Worker’s Compensation coverage for all commercial and non-profit adult groups or for events open to the general public.


    Contact FNSB Risk Management at 907-456-1392 for further information regarding required insurance coverage.

Last Modified on June 28, 2023