Our Mission

  • Discovery Peak provides a rigorous, innovative, and personalized academic program. Through hands-on discovery, community-focused problem solving, and increased physical activity, our students will engage in a unique, learn-by-doing curriculum.  The mission of Discovery Peak is to develop intellectually curious and capable young people who aspire to be ethical and compassionate leaders in their community. 



    Individualized Learning

    To have a school that provides an environment where students can learn at their pace and continuously be challenged academically.  Each student will be provided with assignments tailored to their specific academic needs.  This allows students to progress at their own pace.  Individualized Learning Tracks:

    • Using data-driven decisions to guide student learning
    • Differentiated support depending on needs
    • Supported through programs such as Accelerated Math and Accelerated Reader 


    Community-Focused Explorations

    Community connection and learning through doing is the focus in afternoon explorations.  Explorations are based around the Science and Social Studies standards outlined by the district.  We are not teaching different material, we are teaching and learning differently!  

    • Going beyond Place-Based-Education ideals and connecting to our community
    • Integrating science, social studies, & art curriculum into our community
    • Interest-driven, multi-age courses


    Increased and Intentional Physical Activity

    We believe in allowing kids to be kids and kids love to MOVE! Research has proven that our brains function better when we increase our physical activity. Physical activity improves focus, productivity, and retention of knowledge!

    Think about the last time you had to sit through a meeting that lasted longer than an hour, how long were you able to pay attention? With short movement breaks built into our days, we hope to improve the learning capabilities of our students. We can do more in a shorter amount of time when student minds are engaged and properly fueled. Physical activity opportunities go above Alaska's mandated physical activity requirements of 190%!  Discovery Peak offers:

    • Morning Movers
    • Frequent Brain Breaks
    • Guided Movement Activities
    • Move & Mentor
    • Cooperative & Team-building Lessons
    • Intentionally integrated physical activity into daily lessons


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Last Modified on July 26, 2023