• Transcript Request


    Send an email to brittany.davis@k12northstar.org with the following information:

    • Full legal name
    • Date of birth
    • Year of graduation

    If you are the parent or guardian requesting a transcript for your student who is under the age of 18, we will need a little more information to verify our records.  Please also add:

    • Your full name
    • Your phone number
    • Your physical or mailing address


    Do you want to order your transcript electronically instead?


    You can now order your transcript through Parchment online and have them sent to anywhere you would like!

    To create a parchment account please follow these steps:

    1. Go to www.parchment.com and search "Hutchison High".
    2. You will then fill in all of the fields on the page to get your account set up.
    3. Once you are signed in, click "Order" under the name of your school.
    4. You will see two destination options.  If you are sending your transcript to a school, select the option on the left.  If you are sending it to yourself or to another individual, select the option on the right.  (If you select the option on the left, you will be presented with a search box where you will search for your destination.  If the destination that you are sending your transcript to does not appear, click "Enter Your Own" to manually enter the destination.  
    5. Continue filling in the fields to place your order.  Information on the next page tells you more about the options that you will see here.  
    6. On the "Provide Consent" page you (or your parent/guardian) authorizes Parchment to release your transcript from your school once we receive the transcript.  You can sign with your mouse or finger.  
    7. Finally, you will make a payment if you are asked to (they accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express).  *Free if sent to any Alaska College*



Last Modified on November 2, 2018