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  • The Print Shop is now accepting orders for the 2020-2021 school year. Orders are due to the Print Shop by May 20, 2020. Any orders to be charged to the 2019-20 school year must be submitted by May 8, 2020, and will have to be approved by Administrative Services (due to purchasing freeze) once submitted. Any orders placed after May 8 will be charged to the 2020-21 school year. 

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Blend It Books

    Contact the Teaching & Learning Department for yearly order deadlines. 

    The Print Shop will not manage which volumes of books go to which teachers at each school. This is the responsibility of the person in charge of placing the order for Blend It Books for each school. The Print Shop will mail the total amount ordered to each school. Schools will have to manage the distribution. Please keep a copy of the “Blend It Books School Worksheet” for distribution in your building. 

    Order forms are typically due at the end of each school year and books are printed during the summer break for the following academic year. Please contact the Teaching & Learning Department for questions regarding yearly order deadlines. 

    The Blend It Books Journey Edition will be reproduced by the Print Shop in classroom sets of 30 books of each volume.

    Ordering Directions:

    1. Collect all orders from teachers using the “Blend It Books School Worksheet
    2. Download the “Blend It Books School Worksheet” as a PDF
    3. Navigate to the Print Shop Work Order Website
    4. Fill out the “Blend It Books” work order and attach the “Blend It Books School Worksheet”

    Blend It Books Journey Edition
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