BYOD - macOS

  • To connect your macOS device to district wireless, you'll need to perform four steps.


    1. Find your Wi-Fi address

    Wi-Fi addresses look like 98:ab:76:cd:54:ef

    Open System PreferencesNetworkWi-FiAdvanced..., and write down your Wi-Fi Address

    2. Register your Wi-Fi address

    1. Go to 
    2. Log in with your f- or s-number
    3. Click Add
    4. Name it something you'll recognize
    5. Enter your Wi-Fi address from step 1 (no colons necessary)

    "Pending" means the device has been successfully registered.

    3. Connect to FNSBSD-BYOD

    The password is PersonalDevice (no space).

    4. Install the Securly certificate

    1. Download
    2. Open Keychain Access (do a Spotlight search for it)
    3. On the left, select System and All Items
    4. Open your downloads folder and drag securly_ca_2020.crt into the Keychain Access window
    5. Double click *
    6. Click the triangle next to Trust
    7. Change the first drop down box to Always Trust
    8. Close out of everything, putting your password in where necessary

    Firefox Securly cert:

    1. Download
    2. In Firefox, in the top right corner, click the three horizontal lines
    3. Select Options
    4. On the left select Privacy & Security
    5. Scroll all the way down and click View Certificates
    6. Click Import and select securly_ca_2020.crt that you downloaded earlier
    7. Click Open and check the boxes that say Trust this CA to identify websites/email users and click OK

    If you need assistance, please call the help desk at extension x11397

Last Modified on September 10, 2019