Hiring Process for Substitute Teachers and Temporary Employees


    1. Complete an employment application.(Subs: Job ID #8462, Temps: Job ID #7752)
    2. Attach your college transcripts. (if applying to be a substitute teacher)
    3. Provide at least three professional references, two of which must be from current or previous supervisors. Please provide valid email addresses for your references, as they will be sent the reference form via email. We do not accept family members or friends as references. As soon as you submit your application, a reference form is sent via email from mailbot@applitrack.com.
    4. You are responsible for monitoring the return of completed reference surveys. To do so, log into your AppliTrack account and click on the references section.  References that are listed as "Incomplete" have not been returned and may require additional follow up from you. Add more references as needed.
    5. Go to the link below and fill out the Google form to sign up for online orientation.
    6. Once human resources has verified that your references have been returned, you will be sent two emails:
      • First email: New hire paperwork, your login information to Canvas, HR processing schedule and information on next steps;
      • Second email: An electronic background check, to be completed as soon as possible.
    7. Using the login info emailed to you, sign into Canvas, complete the courses on your dashboard. (Please note: Trainings are customized to your login and the courses on your dashboard are the only ones you need to complete.)
    8. Once all courses and paperwork are complete, you will receive an email to schedule a fingerprinting appointment with Human Resources.  Please bring the following to your appointment:
      • cash, check, money order in the amount of $49.00 for fingerprints. Credit cards are also accepted.
      • IDs for 1-9. 

Contact Information

Last Modified on May 25, 2021