Continuing Education Units

  • What is a CEU?

    CEUs (continuing education units) represents 15 hours of professional learning and is different from college credit. FNSBSD determines the requirements for the CEUs that they issue. No college/university or college/university transcript is involved. 

    Alaska Department of Education and Early Development CEUs New
    Continuing Education Units (CEU) are available for eLearners who hold a current five-year or ten-year Alaska teaching, administrative, or special services certificate.  Certificated eLearners will receive one CEU for 15 hours of eligible coursework completed.  Only one CEU is available through the Department’s eLearning program at this time. For more information how how to recieve the CEUs, log into eLearning or review this document.

    What is the difference between a Continuing Education Hour and a Continuing Education Unit?

    Continuing education hours reflect the anticipated time it will take to complete a specific training.  15 continuing education hours = 1 Continuing Education Unit.

    Why might a teacher be interested in earning CEUs?

    • Salary advancement
      • Teachers may earn one (1) CEU per school year through the FNSBSD. 15 hours of continuing education count as one (1) CEU.
      • Within HR guidelines and the FEA agreement, CEUs will be accepted by the District for movement on the salary scale.
      • HR will credit the CEU toward salary advancement upon submitting the appropriate form and documents. You can find the FNSBSD Staff Training CEU Request Form here:
      • CEUs will count in the same way as a university credit for the purpose of salary advancement.
      • The District will not charge a fee for issuance or use of CEU certificates. When applying to convert continuing education hours to a continuing education unit, teachers must submit copies of all their continuing education hour certificates which should total a minimum of 15 hours to be considered for one (1) continuing education unit.
    • Recertification
      • Within state guidelines, CEUs will be accepted by the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development for credit toward recertification for those teachers who hold a 5-year teaching certification. For more information read CEU General Information from DEED.
      • All CEUs must be related to the endorsement area(s) on the teaching certificate that is being renewed.
      • It is the teachers' responsibility to pay any fees related to acceptance of CEUs by the state for recertification. When using an FNSBSD issued CEU for the purpose of recertification, the CEU certificate must accompany the educator’s recertification application when mailed to the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development in Juneau.
      • DEED charges $50 per CEU and only allows a maximum of three CEUs for recertification.  

     How will the issuance of CEUs work?

    • Teachers will complete courses offered on Canvas Catalog. 
    • Mandatory Training courses through EED eLearning are no longer eligible for CEU hours through FNSBSD as DEED now offers CEUs for those training. NEW
    • Upon meeting the course completion requirements, a certificate will be issued through Canvas Catalog. 
    • Staff can locate a transcript of their courses on Canvas Catalog.  To do this:
      • Go to:
      • Login in the upper right-hand corner.
      • You will see a new button called "PDF Transcript." Click on this link.
      • Your transcript will open in a new tab or as a PDF, depending on how you have your browser set up.  The transcript refers to credits, but for our district's purposes, that really means hours.
    • Upon the completion of 15 hours of coursework within one school year and submission of the appropriate form and documentation, a CEU certificate will be issued by the Human Resources Department.
    • A time audit will be done on all training. Staff who completed training in a timeframe insufficient to support a reasonable review of the material will not receive credit.
    • No duplicate copies of the  CEU certificate will be available through Human Resources so it is important that teachers make copies of the CEU certificates and keep them in a safe place for future reference.
    • Deadline for submitting required paperwork for the CEU is May 31 of the current school year. Continuing education hours do not carry over from one school to the next.

    What if a teacher participates in fewer than 15 hours of coursework?

    Teachers are welcome to participate in any of the trainings available on Canvas Catalog; however, teachers who participate in less than 15 hours will not be eligible to receive a CEU certificate. No partial CEUs will be issued and continuing education hours do not carry over from one school year to another.

    Can I retake sessions over and count these towards CEU hours?

    No, you may only use a training session once toward your CEU hours within the school year. If you feel that you need a review of the topic you may attend the session again, but it will not count towards your required 15 continuing education hours. You can only receive continuing education hours for a course once within the required training frequency. For example, Suicide Prevention training is only required every four years.  Therefore you can only receive continuing education hours for this training every four years. Trainings cannot be completed again just to earn a CEU.


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