School Board Meeting Status & Updates

  • Meeting Access Options During the Operational Red Zone/COVID-19 Pandemic

    School Board meetings are being held in-person, as well as by Zoom. Board room capacity is limited, and masks are required with social distancing.
    Teleconference information and a call in number will be provided for each meeting, published with the agenda, for community members who would like to participate by computer and/or listen by telephone.  Agendas, supporting documents, and archived meetings, can be accessed through BoardDocs.
    How to access School Board meetings:

    • In-person attendance (limited capacity, and masks required with social distancing);
    • Zoom – citizens can listen via Zoom by electronic device through the provided meeting link or by phone utilizing the provided Zoom meeting phone number*;
    • livestream at*;
    • Facebook Live*;
    • real-time audio provided from the district’s webpage –*;
    • free NPR app; (Regular Meetings Only)
    • from 7:00 p.m. to adjournment on KUAC-FM, 89.9 radio; (Regular Meetings Only) and
    • audio-recorded for next-day website posting.

    (*excluding Special Meetings for student discipline matters)

    How to Provide Public Testimony

    The School Board encourages anyone wishing to provide Public Testimony at Regular and Special Meetings on Non-Agenda and/or specific agenda topic(s) to email written comments to no later than 4:00 p.m. the day of the meeting. Please indicate in the email subject line: Public Testimony. Public testimony emailed to the School Board will be read into the public record of the applicable meeting. In the email, please specify which agenda item you are providing testimony.  Guidelines for electronic testimony are the same as for in-person or Zoom testimony - emails must include a person's first and last name and city of residence. As with in-person and Zoom testimony and in order to allow for as many voices as possible to be heard, email, when read into the public record, will be limited to two minutes.
    If you wish to provide testimony in-person or by Zoom, please sign-up either by calling the School Board Office at (907) 452-2000, ext. 11400 or emailing, no later than 4:00 p.m. the day of the meeting. You will need to provide your name, Zoom identification or phone number, city of residence, agenda item number or topic for which you wish to provide testimony, and if emailing, please include on the subject line: Zoom or In-Person Testimony. When the School Board reaches your agenda item, or time for non-agenda testimony, the school board secretary will activate your Zoom access to the meeting or if testifying in-person, the board president will call you to the testimony booth.  You will have two minutes to provide testimony. Testimony, whether by email, Zoom, or in-person, will be taken in the order it was received/requested.  Early sign-up is encouraged.

Last Modified on June 28, 2021