Substitute Teachers & Temporary Employees

  • Substitutes teachers, aides and temporary workers are at-will employees of the school district. Substitute teachers must have a minimum of 48 college credits. Subbing for support staff (aides, custodians, etc.) do not require any college credits.  Temporary workers are staff members who work less than 15 hours per week or hold other non-benefitted positions such as coaches or break-aides.

Clocking In/Out

  • Hourly employees and sub/temps must clock in and out using TimeClock Plus for their assignments which are paid at an hourly rate. Additional info is available on the TimeClock Plus resource page.

    You must be connected to the FNSBSD BYOD wifi to be able to clock in from your smartphone/personal device. If you don't have a district password in order to register your device, contact the Help Desk (907) 452-2000 x11397.

Returning Employees

  • Employees who have resigned in good standing or have retired from the school district and are interested in substitute or temporary work, should  contact Human Resources at (907) 452-2000 ext. 11326 or ext. 11381 to request a Reactivation Packet.  Please note the Reactivation Packet ONLY applies to regular (i.e. non-temporary) employees who have resigned or retired within the last eight months.

Retiree Return to Work Policy

  • Under IRS regulation, a bona fide separation of employment is required after retirement from a PERS or TRS position.  Retirees are also required at the time of retirement to certify that no prearrangement for reemployment in any capacity with the same employer has been made for the restricted period.

    If you are under age 62, the restricted period for rehire is six (6) months after the effective retirement date.  If you are age 62 or over, the restricted period is sixty (60) days after the effective retirement date.

    There are consequences and potential penalties if a retiree returns to work before the restricted period elapses or for prearrangement of employment.  For further information, please contact the state of Alaska, Division of Retirement and Benefits at 907-465-4460 or visit their website at

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