Doing Business with the School District


    1. How do I become a "Vendor" for the School District?
    The School District defines a "Vendor" as any
    Individual, Business, Corporation, Contractor, Seller, or Offeror related to goods or services.  Vendors can use Vendor Self Service (VSS) to register as a "New" Vendor.

    Standard Purchase Order (PO) Terms & Conditions apply to all purchases made by the School District unless otherwise agreed.


    2. Do I need a Business License?
    In accordance with State law and local ordinance, all vendors must be appropriately licensed to engage in business with the District.  It is the responsibility of the vendor to obtain any required licenses.  For information regarding State and Local requirements, or to obtain a license, please refer to the State of Alaska Department of Commerce,Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing.


    3. How does the District pursue Competitive pricing?

    • Formal Competition - For purchases exceeding $100k in value, price competition will be documented via formal solicitation (i.e. IFB/RFP). Contracts for goods exceeding $100k will be approved by the FNSB School Board in accordance with Board Policy.
    • Semi-formal Competition - For purchases of (goods) that cost $1,000 or more per item, or bulk orders for price competition must be documented. Depending on the specifics of the order, this may be accomplished via electronic mail, documented telephone quotes, or by a written request for quotations.
    • Small Purchases - Purchases under $1,000 can be made without documented competition. End users may use their own discretion when selecting a source for such purchases. The Purchasing Department reserves the right to change sources when it is in the best interest of the School District.
    • Services - Depending on the type of service, competition may be required for Services estimated to cost over $20,000.


    4. Who has Authority to Purchase on behalf of the School District?
    School District employees are not allowed to commit District funds (i.e. place orders) without authorization.  Purchase Orders and Purchase Contracts may be authorized by the FNSBSD Superintendent, Chief Operating Officer, or designated Purchasing Official. Acceptance of an order placed without such authorization may jeopardize your payment.


    5. What's involved with contracting with the School District?
    The School District maintains basic standards that align with benchmark industry standards; among others, they include:

    • Income Tax - The School District uses a W9 form to collect tax identification information.  In general, any/all Vendors paid $600 or more during the tax year will be issued an IRS-1099 Form.  It is the responsibility of the Vendor to report income in accordance with IRS regulations.  For information regarding IRS requirements, please refer to
    • Insurance Requirements - In general, the School District requires all Vendors to carry insurance, to protect their assets and employees, and to provide indemnification to the District in the event of damage or injury to person(s) or property.  The School District has sole discretion to determine the risk associated with the procurement, and/or the insurance required.  Insurance requirements may vary based on the Scope of Work.  Standard Terms and Conditions can be found on the School District's  Buyer's Addendum - Standard Terms & Conditions (for reference only).
    • Prevailing Wage -  For services which are fulfilled by Contractors who employ workers; all contracts for purchased services must align with current prevailing wage rates as published by the Alaska Department of Labor; Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development
    • Service Agreements - The School District requires a written service contract, agreement, or memorandum of agreement/understanding for all services provided to the District.  Contracts for (goods only) do not require a written service agreement although written quotes are encouraged, and may be required depending on the type and volume of goods.


    6. Which Service Contract is right for me?
    The School District maintains three (3) basic templates, and a Flow Chart to help decide which service contract template fits the situation, go to:
    PURCHASING FORMS - Forms related to Services - Use this Flow Chart to get started **Decision Tree**




Last Modified on April 30, 2024