• Summary:

    The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District is using an Internet filter called Securly.

    In order to access the Internet, you must log into your district Google account ( or

    The first time you do so, you'll see a screen that says "Securly wants to access your Google account", which you must allow.

    You will need to be signed in to use the Internet, so if you close your browser or restart your computer, you'll need to sign back in. 

    How to test if it's working properly:

    Go to If you get an error like "Your connection is not secure" or "Your connection is not private", please call the help desk at x11397 or submit a work order.

    If you can get to Google and perform a search, your computer is set up correctly.


    BYOD devices will need the Securly certificate. There's a guide here:


Last Modified on March 19, 2021