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    Students are counseled and encouraged to take the sequence of courses appropriate for their interest of study to be prepared to apply for the Introduction to the Trades classes and/or apply for School to Apprenticeship. This sequence of courses will also prepare students for direct entry into employment or post-secondary training in their chosen field.


    High School Programs of Study and Career Pathway information:


    Architecture and Construction  (Building Trades & Welding) 

    Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics (Automotive Maintenance, Heavy Equipment, etc.)





    Applications Open November 2021 

    Students are encouraged to apply for a seat in the Introduction to the Trades classes during their 11th and/or 12th-grade year.  These classes are taught after school two days a week for two hours each day for a semester.  The classes are taught at the Fairbanks Pipeline Training Center by expert industry instructors.  The students will further develop their industry skills in the class and will also develop professional skills that are critical for success in the workplace.  Attendance is mandatory and absences will only be allowed with permission from the instructor. A student must attend 90% of the time to be a completer of the program.  The industry instructors are evaluating the students on skill development as well as the ability to take instruction and how they problem-solve.  All of the classes have a classroom and hands-on skill development component.  The Introduction to the Trades classes close the gap between secondary and post-secondary or the workforce.


    The Introduction to the Trades classes are:


    Building Trades



    Heavy Equipment Maintenance

    Process Technology




    School to Apprenticeship

    Students are encouraged to apply for a direct entry position into a union apprenticeship upon completion of the Introduction to the Trades class.  Through the Introduction to the Trades class, the applicants have now completed a semester-long job interview with the employer partners.  Not all students who apply for School to Apprenticeship are accepted for direct entry into an apprenticeship and that is when career advising that has occurred throughout the semester with the employer partners pays off.  The employer partners create alternate viable pathways for the students and the school counselors' support by helping students with applications, etc.

    The following Federally Registered Apprenticeships participate in the FNSBSD School to Apprenticeship Program:

    Alaska Carpenters Training Trust

    Alaska Joint Electrical Apprenticeship & Training Trust (AJEATT)

    Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 375

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