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    *Please be aware that each union has a different application process. Pay special attention to the requirements for the apprenticeship program you plan to apply for.


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    Fairbanks Area Carpenters Local 1243

    Fairbanks Area Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 375

    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1547



    Helpful Information


    A letter of interest expressing reasons for applying to the Pre-Apprenticeship program.


    Current resume containing work history.


    Proof of age by providing a copy of birth certificate or passport.

    • Alaska Department of Health and Social Services - Division of Public Health:  Birth Certificates
    • Or copies can also be obtained via the vital Records Department of the state in which the applicant was born.


    Official high school transcripts. Include University transcripts for any Tech Prep credits received.


    School attendance record.

    • Ask your counselor for your Student Enrollment and Attendance History report.


    WorkKeys scores. 


    Valid State of Alaska driver’s license with a copy of driving record.

    • State of Alaska Department of Administration - Division of Motor Vehicles: Driving Record
    • Driving records from other states may also be required if a license was issued out of the State of Alaska.
    • Please provide a copy of the front of your license with the driving record.


    Two letters of reference from the applicant’s school.

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