• Lottery

    If the number of applicants exceeds the school’s capacity, enrollment shall be determined by a lottery (a random drawing).  Students not placed through the lottery will be put on a waitlist for openings that become available in their grade.  The lottery is open to the public and will be held April 15, 2022.  The results will be witnessed and parents will be notified of the final results.  BSCS commits to making the lottery and enrollment procedures and practices fair and transparent.

    If a family participates in the lottery and is not drawn for a spot during one school year, but remains interested in enrollment for the next school year, a new application must be completed the following spring. Waitlists do not carry over from year to year. 

    Any applications received after the March 31st deadline will be stamped with the date and time, and set aside for consideration in order of receipt, after the lottery has been held. These students will either be added to the waitlist for their grade, or will be able to enroll in their grade if there is space available, but only after an orientation has been completed.  This orientation may take the form of a meeting with the Head Teacher or viewing of a slide show and response to a questionnaire.  During the school year, it may include a tour or classroom visit during school hours.

    Lottery Process

    The following steps will be taken to insure viable classes, as well as a fair process, in the event that there are more applicants than spaces available.

    1. Each family will have a tab with their family name (last name) and a list of the respective family children intended to be entered in to the lottery. We draw the tabs one at a time from a clear jar. The family name is called, recorded, and each child is listed for individual spots. For example, when the first family name is drawn, each child is listed with a number. If there are three children, they are spot #1, #2, and #3 on the school-wide list.
    2. Placement in a class is dependent upon space available in that class as well as gender balance. Each class will remain gender balanced to no more than 55% of one gender. All grades that are not over capacity are filled with applicants for that grade.
    3. Siblings of the above students are placed into their appropriate grade(s), or added to the waitlist for that grade. In the event of multiple siblings on the waitlist for the same grade, the waitlist order is determined by the lottery draw of each family.
    4. Within two school days of the lottery drawing, students who have placement will receive an email with an opportunity to “Accept Placement" as well as further information on enrollment. Students who have been placed on the waitlist will be informed of their placement on the waitlist.  


    Enrollment Preferences

    The following shall be given preference for admission to the school in the event a lottery becomes necessary:

    -Students enrolled in BSCS

    -Children of staff of the school

    -Siblings of students currently enrolled in the school - Siblings are defined as any two or more students who share a legal parent/guardian.  If a class is already full, siblings will move to the top of the waitlist for that class.

    -Neighborhood Preference - families who live within the defined neighborhood: the residences within Lathrop St. to the West; 21st Ave. to the North; S. Cushman to East, and the Mitchell Expressway/Richardson Highway to the South.

    Enrollment Policy - Withdrawals

    If a family chooses to withdraw a child from BSCS, that child will no longer have sibling school priority for enrollment should the family want to reenroll the student in the future. Removing the priority enrollment status for a child who has been withdrawn does not disallow their inclusion in the lottery and potential reenrollment. It simply removes the priority status. The child could still be re-admitted through the regular lottery process. 

     Kindergarten Retention and Enrollment Policy

    In the fall of each year the Kindergarten teacher will meet with the Kindergarten parents to go over 1st grade readiness. This will include 1st grade readiness skills that the teachers will be looking for in students over the course of the Kindergarten year.  The Waldorf approach looks at students as individuals who are on their own developmental schedule.  As such, both academic skills and student readiness are considered when recommending promotion from Kindergarten to 1st grade.

    If a recommendation for retention is made by the Kindergarten teacher for a child born before June 1st at the spring parent/teacher conference, the school will hold a spot for that child in both Kindergarten and First grade for the following school year, allowing for re-evaluation of the child in late July if needed. In most situations the school will honor the parents’ decision for placement. Final decision for grade placement, however, will be the Head Teacher’s.




Last Modified on January 19, 2022