Application for Curriculum Advisory Committee

  • Now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year. The application is for the parent and community-at-large membership roles.

    CAC Application 
    Submit applications to:
    FNSBSD Administrative Center
    Dept. of Teaching & Learning
    520 Fifth Avenue
    Fairbanks, AK 99701

    Fax: 451-6024

    Deadline: The application process is open until the positions are filled.

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Curriculum Advisory Committee

  • 2019-2020 Meeting Schedule

    The Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) is established in accordance with Policy 236 (Administrative Committees to Advise Administration and the School Board) and Policy 910 (Curriculum Development).  Administrative Regulation (AR) 236 details the structure of administrative committees, AR 910 outlines the process for curriculum development, AR 910.2 states that reports on pilot program results may be presented to the CAC, and AR 910.3 establishes that revised curricula will be presented to the CAC.
    CAC Bylaws

    Membership of the Committee
    The CAC consists of 16 members, including one non-voting administrative staff member assigned by the superintendent to chair the committee, and one non-voting Board member assigned by the Board president. The CAC also contains one elementary and one secondary principal assigned to the committee by the Fairbanks Principals’ Association (FPA) president, two teachers assigned to the committee by the Fairbanks Education Association (FEA) president, and a Regional Student Council Representative. Additionally, three parents and six community-at-large members are assigned to the CAC via an application process, with the final selection made by the administrative staff chair. Voluntary CAC members are limited to membership on one administrative committee.

    Length of Terms
    The committee meets on the school year schedule. Members’ terms start in August and are completed in May. The following CAC members have annual assignments to the committee:  district administrative chair, school board member, principals, teachers, and student member. Parents and community-at-large members will serve staggered, two-year terms.*  Voting committee members shall not serve more than four consecutive school years.  A committee member that wishes to continue to serve after four consecutive years of service must allow one year to pass prior to reapplication or request for assignment.  In order to have membership with staggered terms, the spring 2018 application process will accept one- and two-year terms for the parent and community-at-large member roles.

    *In order to have a committee with staggered term end dates, applicants selected for the parent and community at-large membership roles for the 2018-2019 school year will have either a one- or two-year term.

    Staff to the Committee
    The superintendent and/or the administrative staff chair may assign additional district staff to the CAC in order to provide support and resources as necessary. The additional staff are not voting members of the committee.

    Meetings will be held prior to presenting recommendations for adopting curriculum or textbooks/materials to the School Board. The meetings will be public and public testimony will be taken within limits established by the committee. A quorum is not required for the committee to meet. All meeting procedures will follow Robert's Rules of Order
    Meeting Agenda

    If a voting member misses more than 50% of meetings for the current school year, that member may be dismissed and replaced by the administrative chair.

    Scope of Responsibilities
    The CAC will act in an advisory capacity regarding all aspects of curriculum development. The curriculum review process requires two separate and distinct actions to be taken by the Board: adoption of the curriculum and adoption of the textbooks/materials. The CAC will review each of these recommended actions prior to it being forwarded to the Board for adoption.

    Curricular issues of interest to parents, students, and staff will be addressed by the CAC. The subject areas focused on each year will be the curricula identified for evaluation and development. Committee members will gain understanding of the curriculum development process and may provide input on curriculum development from a variety of perspectives.  The CAC will receive information from the administration staff and/or curriculum committees regarding the revisions under consideration. The CAC also has the option to make a committee recommendation to the School Board.

    CAC meeting notes will be posted on the School District’s website.
    Previous Meeting Notes


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