The next cycle of the Alaska Military Youth Academy (AMYA) begins September 26, 2018

    Youth must be between the ages of 16-18 on the start date (September 26, 2018). Youth can turn 19 while at our program. There are no waivers/exclusions to the age requirement. Additional qualifications for youth are listed below my signature.

    Our program continues to struggle with misinformation on who we are and who we serve. Many times I hear that, “My kiddo hasn’t been in trouble” or “I thought this was for bad kids”.  Any time the word “at-risk” is thrown in to the mix there are many interpretations of what this means. AMYA is for youth that are “at-risk” of not completing their high school education, whether that is because a youth has withdrawn from school or a GED program OR (MOST COMMONLY) the youth has found themselves deficient in credits. The reasons that youth fall behind in or leave school are varied.  Our school is just a different way for youth to learn in a structured and disciplined environment. AMYA is not an easy way out by any means and youth who complete AMYA don’t only increase their Academic Excellence, but also work on Job Skills, Leadership/Followership, Life Coping Skills, Health/Hygiene, Responsible Citizenship, Physical Fitness and Service to Community.

    Youth can earn up to 7.5 credits, earn their GED, and we can issue HS diplomas should a youth enter with the enough/right kind of credits combined with ours as we are an accredited school. I have attached our current program of studies.

    The program is TUITION FREE. Youth in the interior and those off the road system/outside reasonable driving distance are provided air travel to and from the program at no cost to the family. 

    Information about the program is available online, www.akmya.org.

    AMYA is first come, first serve. There is no way to determine for certain when our program will fill so I am recommending youth complete the admission process as soon as possible.

    If a youth is accepted, there is a packing list-items they should bring. HOWEVER, youth are never turned away for inability to find or afford these items.

    If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me. All of my direct contact information is below. Although our program is located on JBER, just outside Anchorage, I am located in a satellite office here in Fairbanks.  You are also welcome to contact our principal/lead instructor, Scott Monroe, at scott.monroe@alaska.gov or 907-428-7308 or our Registrar, Lynn Andrews, at lynn.andrews@alaska.gov or 907-428-7338 or fax transcript requests to 907-428-7384.


    Angela Chapin, Admissions               angela.chapin@alaska.gov

    Alaska Military Youth Academy        www.akmya.org


Last Modified on August 7, 2018