Here are the Books that Mrs. Zayon is Currently Reading:

  • Moonkind by Sarah Prineas

    This third book in a trilogy finds the Lady Fer, the half-human girl who rules the Summerlands, at odds with many of the Lords and Ladies who rule the other lands. Their broken oaths are poisoning the worlds, and the stillness that results is spreading. Fer must find a way to stop it, along with her friend, the puck named Rook. Rook has troubles of his own as he struggles between his bond to his wild and irresponsible puck brothers and his friendship, and desire to help, the Lady.

    I have really enjoyed this trilogy, listening to it as an audiobook through the Sora app. These books are a bit older, and I don't have them in the library, but if you like fantasy, I highly recomment them.


Scary Stories for Young Foxes
  • Scary Stories for Young Foxes by Christian McKay Heidicker


    If a book wins a special award, like the Newbery Honor, if you haven't read it yet you may wonder why it won. What's so special about that book? It didn't take me long to figure out what was so special about Scary Stories for Young Foxes. This book is clever and unique, and just about anyone can find some connection to it.

    Like animal stories?          This is for you!

    Do you enjoy spooky tales?           This is for you!

    Prefer folk and fairy tales?          This is for you!

    Are you a fan of short stories?         This is for you!


    This brilliantly connected series of short stories stars out with an old vixen relating scary tales to a group of seven fox kit siblings. They have come to her because their own mother's tales are just too tame. They want to REALLY be scared. She tells them the story of Uly and his cruel sisters and the evil Mr. Scratch. They she tells them about Mia and Roa and Miss Vix and their encounter with the terrible Yellow. They hear about the hideous, hungry Golgathursh. All these tales begin to twist into each other, each more frightening than the last. And as they listen, one by one, all the fox kits slink back home to their den. All except one. The smallest kit, who really needs to know how the stories end.

    Don't miss this one. It might just become one of your favorites!

White Bird
  • White Bird by R.J. Palacio

    This book is so realistic and gripping that it's hard to believe it's not a true story. But it's certainly a story that could be true.

    Julian, who we've met in Palacio's other Wonder books, has an assignment for his humanities class to do an oral history interview. He chooses his grandmother, Sara, and asks her to share her experiences in World War II.

    She has a charmed childhood in France, but when Hitler invades life changes. Sara is Jewish and, for a while, thing continue on at least somewhat normally, but they grow steadily worse. Eventually, the Gestapo comes to her school to round up all the Jewish children. Most of them are captured, but Sara is saved by a boy named Julien, who leads her through the sewers to his family's home in a neighboring village. Sara has sat next to Julien for three years but never spoken to him. He had been crippled by polio as a small child and walked with crutches, and so was an outcast. The rest of the war is spent hiding in a barn near Julien's house. He and his parents become Sara's entire world. There is more, but I won't give it away. Palacio's story and art are top-notch. I think you'll love this book. There are two copies in the Pearl Creek library!

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