Book Covers

Here is the Book that Mrs. Zayon is Currently Reading:

  • Louisiana's Way Home by Kate DiCamillo


    If you loved Kate DiCamillo's "Raymie Nightingale" like I did, you will be happy to pick up a copy of Louisiana's Way Home. This book follows Louisiana Elefante, the second of the Three Rancheros.

    When her Granny wakes her in the middle of the night for another crazy road trip, Louisiana doesn't realize that this one will change her life forever. They cross the state line and end up in Richmond, Georgia, where they are stranded by lack of funds and a dental emergency. All Louisiana wants is to go back home to her friends and her pets, but Granny seems determined never to return. As their lives become entwined with the residents of this small town, Louisiana begins to fear that she is destined to always be saying goodbye to the ones she cares about.





Last Modified on October 16, 2018