CAP (Centralized Application Portal) Tutorial

Navigate to&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="" title="Link:"></a>&nbsp;<br>to begin the lottery application process.<br><b><i>Note: </i></b>All of the student, parent, and lottery information in this tutorial is fictitious

There are <b><i>3 methods</i></b> to create your parent/guardian lottery account. Choose the method that matches your circumstances.<br><br>

<b><i>Create Method 1</i></b> is the easiest, and is for a parents who already have a <b>PowerSchool guardian account</b>.<br>If you can't remember your PS login, you'll have a chance to recover your information after you click the button.

<b><i>Create Method 2 </i></b>is an option for parents/guardians with no PowerSchool guardian account, but who know their child's <b>student number</b> and <b>date of birth</b><br>

<b><i>Create Method 3&nbsp;&nbsp;</i></b>is for parents/guardians who want or need to create their account from scratch<br>

Click the appropriate button for you<br><br>

Once your account has been created you'll be at the<b><i> Dashboard.</i></b>

<b><i>Your contact information is very important! </i></b>Click your name to access your profile and verify your information

The lottery school will use the data in your profile to contact you regarding any lottery matters.&nbsp;

The <b>Dashboard</b> displays 3 buttons with a summary of the account:<br><b><i>View Students</i></b><br><b><i>View Lotteries</i></b><br><b><i>View Applications</i></b>

Start by clicking on any of the three buttons. There is no "correct" order.<br>

<span><i><b>View Students&nbsp;</b></i>shows the children associated with the account.&nbsp;<br><br></span>

<span class=""><i><b>View Lotteries&nbsp;</b></i>to see the list of online district lotteries.<br>This is another place to start an application.</span>

<span class=""><i><b>View Applications </b></i>&nbsp;lists all applications that you have submitted</span>

Any user can click&nbsp;<b><i>View Students</i>,&nbsp;</b>then<b>&nbsp;<i>New Student</i></b>&nbsp;to add a student.<br><br>

In <b><i>View Students</i></b>, click an individual&nbsp;<span class=""><i><b>student button&nbsp;</b></i>to see more student detail</span>

From the student detail screen, you can <b>identify siblings</b> or <b>start the application process</b> for the student

In some lotteries,&nbsp;<b><i>siblings</i></b>&nbsp;play an important role.<br>It is critical that you <b><i>identify&nbsp;</i></b><b><i>in your lottery account&nbsp;</i></b><b><i>all of your applicant's siblings </i></b><i></i>to request consideration for any potential sibling preference.&nbsp;

<b><i>Identify&nbsp;</i></b>a sibling by clicking on the <b><i>Non-Sibling&nbsp;&nbsp;</i></b>button.

A green <b><i>Sibling button</i></b> appears. Remove the sibling, if needed, by clicking the button again.

Click the <b><i>New Sibling</i></b> button if you need to add a new sibling to this student. This might be a student entering Kindergarten, or one who attends a non-district school

Click the <b><i>New Application</i></b> button to see a list of district lotteries and start an application for this student

<b><i>District lotteries</i></b> will be listed alphabetically

Click <span class="">the<b><i> indicator </i></b>to view information about this lottery</span>

You might not be able to submit an application for all student-lottery combinations.&nbsp;<br>Hover over&nbsp;<b><i>Not available</i></b>&nbsp;to read the reason.

Click <span class=""><i><b>Start Application</b></i></span>

Review the<b><i> sibling</i></b> information and make any needed changes

<b><i>Read the statements and check the boxes </i></b>to confirm<br>

Click <span class=""><i><b>Submit Application</b></i></span>

The system will email you a submission confirmation to the email address in your lottery profile.

You're back on your student's lottery application screen. Click the&nbsp;<span class=""><i><b>View button&nbsp;</b></i>to see an application you submitted for this student</span>

Click <b><i>l</i></b><span class=""><i><b>ottery application name</b></i></span>

You can <b><i>edit</i></b> sibling information on this page, but you must <b><i>resubmit</i></b> the application in order for your changes to be part of the application. You may have to re-certify the sibling relationships as well<br><br>

After review, click:<br><b><i>Cancel</i></b> if you made no changes.<br><i><b>Delete Application</b></i> if you wish to remove the application from the lottery.<br><b><i>Submit Application</i></b> again if changes were made.

Don't forget to <b><i>Log out</i></b> when you're done.

Now that you have a lottery account, next time you visit the site put your username and password into the the Login block and click the <b><i>Login</i></b> button.

Last Modified on January 2, 2020