• 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant

    In July of 2015 the FNSBSD was awarded $1.4 million by the Federal Department of Education through the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development for 21st Century Community Learning Centers.  In July of 2016 an additional $90,000 was awarded.  The primary focus of grant funded Community After School Programs are to provide extra academic support and academic enrichment for students who may be struggling with school. Each program within our school district is uniquely designed to address the individual needs of students. Programs focus on increasing academic success in the areas of reading, writing, math and science. Students help to select and design their explorations so they stay excited and interested in school. Schools with grant funded programs include: Anne Wien Elementary, Denali Elementary, Hunter Elementary, Joy Elementary, Nordale Elementary, North Pole Elementary, Ticasuk Brown Elementary, and Lathrop High School.

    Alaska Pre-Elementary Grant

    Beginning July of 2016, the FNSBSD was awarded grant funding from the State of Alaska Department of Education and Early Development to engage in partnerships and encourage community based collaboration in support of early learning environments in Fairbanks.

    DoDEA 1:1 iPad Grant

    The Basic Training 1:1 Project, funded by a five-year grant from the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Partnership, will provide an iPad for each first through third grade student, teacher, and instructional support staff at five local military-connected elementary schools. The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District has been awarded $1.49 million to pilot this project at Anderson, Arctic Light, Crawford, Ladd, and Midnight Sun Elementary Schools.


    The FNSBSD was awarded $1 million in 2017 by the Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) for DIPLOMAS (Developing Innovative Personalized Learning Opportunities Maximizing the Achievement of Students). DIPLOMAS will support the implementation of personalized learning and College and Career Readiness at military connected schools: Ben Eielson Junior/Senior High School, North Pole Middle School, North Pole High School, Tanana Middle School, and Lathrop High School.

    DoDEA Project 360 Grant

    The FNSBSD was awarded $1.5 million in 2016 by the Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) with a Project 360 social emotional grant for ten local military connected schools. Project 360 serves kindergarten through 12th grade students, teachers, and families at Anderson, Midnight Sun, Crawford, North Pole, Salcha, and Ticasuk Brown Elementary Schools, the Fairbanks BEST Homeschool, Ben Eielson Junior/Senior High School, North Pole Middle School, and North Pole High School.

    DoDEA Step Up To STEM Grant

    The FNSBSD was awarded $1,000,000 in grant funding from the Department of Defense Educational Activities (DoDEA) to increase support for students of military families through 2023. Funds will be used to expand Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) learning at Arctic Light Elementary, Ladd Elementary, and Tanana Middle School. Step Up To Stem will develop innovative STEM learning models for students. STEMtastic club coordinators at each school will support student STEM learning before, during, or after school hours with activities like hosting guest STEM speakers, coordinating virtual reality STEM field trips, offering STEM summer academies, and establishing STEMtastic clubs and Alaskan-themed makerspaces through the development of local STEM partnerships with businesses, nonprofit agencies, military units, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.    

    GCI Suicide Prevention Grant 

    In 2019 the FNSBSD was awarded $11,858 by the Alaska Community Foundation to help reduce rates of suicide in Alaska and promote mental wellness through strengthened community and personal connections. Funding will support work that is happening on multiple levels including prevention, intervention, and crisis response. Funds are used to provide staff training, staff stipends for work outside of normal work hours, and distribute social media messaging targeting Alaska teens.

    Opioid Prevention Teen Teams Grant

    In 2019 the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services through the Fairbanks Wellness Coalition awarded $15,000 to the FNSBSD for Ryan Middle School and West Valley High School to prevent the first misuse of prescription opioids (e.g. Vicodin and OxyContin) among teens in the Fairbanks North Star Borough by developing positive community norming messages. The intent of the messages is to communicate the fact that the majority of local teens do not misuse prescription opioids and that experimenting with prescription opioids is risky. Grant funds will be used to purchase promotional materials that exhibit positive community norming messages developed by the teen team. Messages will be shared at school and community activities, with social media, and by hosting events for teens.

    Strengthening Career and Technical Education for 21st Century Non-Traditional Occupations Grant 

    In 2019 the FNSBSD was awarded $30,000 by the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development to improve gender equity and representation in targeted occupational fields that are identified as important to the current and future state economy. Funds will serve secondary students in grades 7-12 that study nontraditional occupations. Activities will include recruitment events for female students, inspirational events guest speakers, and internships for female students interested in STEM/technical careers.

    Suicide Awareness Prevention and Postvention Grant

    In 2019 the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development awarded the FNSBSD $25,000 to support programs, practices, and policies that focus on areas related to the State Suicide Prevention Plan Goals and Strategies for three years. Funds will be used to provide support for the district’s ongoing efforts to expand the implementation of Trauma-Informed Schools, offer suicide prevention training for teams of student peer leaders and adult advisors from each secondary school, deliver the Signs of Suicide (SOS) curriculum, and facilitate student-generated suicide prevention messaging projects.

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