• North Pole High School has a tradition of success on the fields and courts of athletic competition. Teams and individuals from multiple sports have competed for championships and have experienced tremendous achievements throughout the years. Student athletes are fortunate to have incredible support displayed by loyal Patriot fans. The experience of representing North Pole High School and community as athletes is rewarding, as memories are made that will last a lifetime. We believe that athletics is an integral part of the total education process that goes beyond the four walls of the classroom and creates an entirely different type of learning environment.  

    All incoming freshmen are eligible for activities until the first grading period is completed. All students must be passing in a minimum of five (5) semester units of credit and maintain at least an overall 2.0 GPA during the current grading semester.

    Physicals are required for any athletic activity. Students must have a current physical on file in order to try-out, practice, or compete for North Pole High School. It is recommended that physicals be renewed every summer for the following academic year for full coverage.

    A full day of school attendance is mandatory in order to practice or compete. Students who are more than 10 minutes late to a class are considered absent. Assignment to the Intervention Room or In-School Suspension for absences or behavior is inexcusable for activities and participation will be denied for that day. Activities occurring on non-school days will require attendance for a full day on the last day prior to the activity. Exceptions to this rule, such as medical appointments or pre-arranged parent requests, may be granted by the administration if requested at least 24 hours prior to the absence.

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Last Modified on December 18, 2020