Dressing for the Weather

  • Cold Weather

    Dress for the Weather!

    Students are outside prior to the start of school and for recess everyday unless the temperature is -20 degrees or colder. Please keep in mind play needs are different for primary and intermediate. Please note differences at each temperature. Please label all winter gear with your child’s name. In order to keep them warm and safe, it is expected that students wear the appropriate attire for recess, arrival, and dismissal.


    -20 to 0      Warm coat

                      Snow pants                 



                      Winter boots

                      Face covering recommended

    +1 to +25  Coat



                      Insulated boots/footwear

                      Long pants/Snow pants for primary


    +26 to +35 Jacket/sweatshirt/layers



                      Long pants

                      Boots /or outdoor shoes for intermediate (Boots when snow is on the ground)


    +36 to + 50 Jacket/sweatshirt/layers

                      Legs Covered

    Boots or a second pair of outdoor shoes until playground is dry


    Above +50 Shorts and dresses are allowed


    Always be prepared for changing weather!


Last Modified on October 23, 2019