Bright Futures Fairbanks

About BFF


    What is Bright Futures USA? 

    Bright Futures is a proven, customizable model of support and communication that allows communities and schools to identify student needs and match them with existing resources in the community. It is based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - if students’ basic needs (physical, emotional, and social) are not being met, then they do not learn at their full potential.

    Why do we need Bright Futures Fairbanks? 

    Many children in our community are coming to school without things most people take for granted, like basic school supplies, winter gloves, and backpacks. School staff know that if students’ basic needs are not met, they do not achieve as much as they could. Often, a child’s teacher and other school staff reach into their own pockets to provide food, clothing, and school supplies for students whose families may be struggling.

    How does Bright Futures Fairbanks help?

    Bright Futures Fairbanks removes barriers that inhibit learning so that all of our students can achieve their highest potential. Bright Futures Fairbanks engages with the community as a collective whole through increased collaboration between businesses, faith-based organizations, non-profit agencies, military units, service clubs, parent groups, and schools. Through more communication and awareness, resources within the school and community will be leveraged more efficiently. Social media is used as a “rapid response system” to meet immediate needs.

    How is Bright Futures Fairbanks organized?

    Bright Futures USA provides an organizational framework for this grassroots coalition of local businesses, social/human service agencies, faith-based organizations, school district staff, and parents. The Bright Futures Fairbanks Leadership Team meets monthly to guide the work across the borough, and Bright Futures Fairbanks Councils may also be formed around individual schools or school feeder systems.

    How can you get involved in Bright Futures Fairbanks?

    Check out our Become a Volunteer or Partner page!

    Is Bright Futures Fairbanks a 501(c)(3) organization?

    No. Although Bright Futures Fairbanks is not a 501(c)(3), it is still tax-exempt.



Last Modified on April 27, 2022