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    What is Bright Futures USA? 

    Bright Futures USA is committed to supporting communities in their efforts to become more resilient through the development of community partnerships used to identify and align local resources to problem-solve the greater challenges impacting children and youth. 

    Why do we need Bright Futures Fairbanks? 

    Many children in our community come to school without things most people take for granted, like food, school supplies, and winter gear. A teacher, counselor, or other school personnel can request assistance from Bright Futures, rather than reaching into their own pocket, to meet a child's basic needs. 

    How are kids' needs met?

    The goal is to meet any child’s basic need within 24 hours of identifying that need. This is done through a rapid-response system using existing resources and/or social media. In many cases, needs are met in minutes. The school system acts as the liaison between the student and the donor. Needs are identified by teachers, counselors, and other school personnel.

    How is Bright Futures Fairbanks organized?

    The Bright Futures Fairbanks Volunteer Leadership Team meets monthly to provide support across the community and schools. This inclusive group is a grassroots coalition of volunteers from local businesses, social/human service agencies, faith-based organizations, parents, school district employees, and others. 

    How can you get involved in Bright Futures Fairbanks?

    Register at the Become a School Mentor, Volunteer, Partner page. 

    Is Bright Futures Fairbanks a 501(c)(3) organization?

    No. Although Bright Futures Fairbanks is not a 501(c)(3), it is still tax-exempt.



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Last Modified on December 5, 2023