Welcome Faith-Based Volunteers!

  • To help faith-based organizations be effective in volunteering within the school district, please note the following established parameters:

    • Volunteers must maintain strict neutrality regarding religion while performing volunteer work for the school district.
    • Volunteers may not inject personal religious beliefs or practices in any school district venue or activity.
    • Volunteers have rights related to voluntary religious practices and freedom of speech but do not include influencing, encouraging, or discouraging any religious practice or belief or proselytizing to any student or employee regarding religion while the volunteer is actively volunteering for the school district.
    • Volunteers are prohibited from engaging in recruiting activities of any type on school district grounds or at any school district activity.
    • Volunteers can wear religious apparel if it is required by a person’s religion, is part of the person’s ordinary work dress, is not disruptive, and does not contain a proselytizing message.


    It is school district policy to comply with state and federal law regarding religion and religious expression in public schools. It is the Board’s purpose to adhere to these principles and promote mutual understanding and respect for the interests and rights of all individuals regarding their beliefs, values, and customs. The school district prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion against any group or individual desiring to volunteer in the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District.

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Last Modified on March 25, 2021