• Head Teacher 

    As a team, we work together with our administrative assistant to manage the school.  As a collective, we hold and implement the vision of Chinook, its philosophy, methods, and history. We train new teachers as they join our staff and they learn to carry the vision forward.  As a team, we examine every decision or change in relation to our charter and our philosophy. 

             The headteachers rotate responsibilities which include: building maintenance; communication; contact with the “outside world” – central office, the media, and state officials; organizing staff development; creating school calendars; organizing meetings and agendas; working as the special education liaison; being the technology coordinator; serving as the school writer and more.

             All teachers serve on the intervention team for part of the year to handle discipline and academic concerns. So, the usual “jobs” of a principal have been broken apart and are shared by the headteachers. We work very closely as a team believing that several minds will contribute the most well-rounded ideas and thought-out solutions to conflicts.


    Chinook Intervention Team

             This team is designed to offer students, parents, and teachers additional support when resolving academic, attendance, discipline, or communication problems. The team of teachers works with parents and the student to try to find solutions to the problem at hand.  The intervention team also meets about major infractions and decides what disciplinary action should be taken according to district guidelines. The team functions as a school principal and vice-principal would in another public school. This team is comprised of two teachers along with the classroom teacher of the student attending an intervention.  The intervention team members rotate by trimester. Ask any building teacher who is currently serving on the intervention team.

Last Modified on August 12, 2019