Counseling Lessons

  • K - 4th grade: Safer, Smarter Kids!

    In accordance with the Alaska Safe Children's Act, Salcha students grades K-4 are learning tools they can use to keep themselves safe and speak up for themselves in unsafe situations. The Safer, Smarter Kids lessons use developmentally appropriate information to teach children the language and skills they need, such as the power to recognize an unsafe situation and to say "no," and knowing who they can trust to go to for help.

    5th and 6th grade: Zones of Regulation

    Students will learn about the feelings and events that are associated with green, yellow, blue, and red zones, and how to cope with their feelings and regulate themselves. They will learn coping tools such as breathing exercises, positive self-talk, considering the size of the problem, and other activities they can do to get themselves back in the green zone!

Last Modified on November 4, 2019