Counseling Lessons

  • During the formative year of Kindergarten, I meet with each Kinder class every week to create a familiar relationship with one another and to establish rapport with the new Puffins. For students in grades 1-6, I meet with each class every other week for 30 minutes. Below is additional information on the topics and curriculum used in my comprehensive school counseling program. 

    Safer, Smarter Kids!

    The FNSBSD has adopted the Safer, Smarter Kids curriculum to teach our students about personal safety. At Pearl Creek, your child(ren) will receive the lessons with their class during their regularly scheduled counseling class during our Personal Safety Unit. The information presented is invaluable in educating our children about the many ways in which they can keep themselves safe and establish safe, and healthy boundaries with others. For additional information about the curriculum, or for help creating your own Family Safety Plan, you may refer to

    Please check out the resources associated with Safer, Smarter Kids that I have uploaded to guide conversations with your child.

    Trusted Triangle & Safety Rules



    Students at Pearl Creek Elementary are taught how to respond to a dangerous situation while at school using the principles within the ALICE program (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate). The PowerPoint below is used in teaching the basic premises of this program.

    Pearl Creek Elementary ALICE Presentation


    Other Lesson Topics:

    Healthy Choices for a Healthy Life

    Growth Mindset

    Friendship Skills

    Personal Safety

    Conflict Resolution (Kelso's Wheel of Choices)


    Character Traits

    Career Exploration

    Self-Regulation (Zones of Regulation)

    Zones of Regulation   




    As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, or concerns!

    Kjersten Bartusch

    (907) 479-4234 ext 2



  • Eat a Rainbow!

    "I ate a rainbow in my counseling class today!"

    -Jayden 5th grade


    I am also the Site Coordinator (and a Coach) for the Girls on the Run program at Pearl Creek in partnership with the Interior AK Center for Non-Violent Living. The program is for girls in grades 3-6 and we meet after school 2x/week. The meetings are two-fold: lessons focusing on self-esteem, empowerment, positive relationships with self and others while also training to run, walk, skip, jump, or roll a 5k!  

    Girls on the Run

     "Girls on the Run is SO much fun!!!"


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