• Hello and Welcome Back! 

    Brief video introduction of my role as a school counselor. 

    Meet Mrs. Bartusch

  • Digital Citizenship

    Now more than ever, it is important for children to know what it means to 'be a good Digital Citizen'. You can find a short movie HERE that will help you understand more about what you can do to be responsible online.  

  • Tips For A Successful Remote Learning Experience

    Grades 1-3: Students will learn 'Tips for a Successful Remote Learning" experience. Complete the 'work menu' on the virtual whiteboard to make your way through the lesson! There are additional activities located throughout the office for you to explore. Click HERE to begin! 

    Grades 4-6: Students will learn 'Tips for a Successful Remote Learning" experience. Be sure to complete the 'work menu' on the virtual whiteboard to make your way through the lesson! Click HERE to begin! 

  • Growth Mindset

    Grades 1-3: Students will learn about the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. Students will also learn about the 'power of yet' and how one simple word can change your mindset! For the complete lesson, click HERE.

    Grades 4-6: Students will learn about the importance of a growth mindset while also understanding that setting goals can help them achieve more! Students will learn how to create a "S.M.A.R.T." goal. Check out the lesson HERE.

  • Create Your Own Vision Board! 

    I was SO excited when I saw this idea while creating my 'goal setting lesson', so I pulled it out of the lesson and gave it its own spot here!! I think this is a great, fun, creative way to create a goal or vision for your life. Have fun with it! Be creative! Hang it somewhere where you will see it regularly to keep yourself on track. For the short video on creating a vision board, click HERE! 

  • Flexible Thinking

    Grades 1-3: Students will learn about the importance of 'flexible thinking'. Being able to "go with the flow" when something unexpected happens, or if there is a change in plans, is an important skill for life. Included is a fun exercise in looking at something from a different perspective and also a plan you can follow to encourage flexible thinking: 1) take a deep breath 2) realize some things are out of your control 3) change the plan 4) accept the change. You can find the complete lesson HERE.

    Grades 4-6: Students will explore the idea of flexible thinking and learn about the FLOW plan:

    F: Focus on the positives

    L: Live in the moment

    O: Open your mind up to back up plans

    W: Welcome the change 

    Explore the complete lesson, including a fun activity involving optical illusions, HERE.

  • Self-Confidence

    Grades 1 & 2: Students will learn the importance of celebrating what makes us unique, which can increase their self-confidence. For the complete lesson click HERE. 

    Grades 3-6: Students will understand the definition of self-confidence: believing in yourself. Students will engage in self-exploration, highlighting their strengths as an individual through a variety of activities in this lesson. To begin the lesson, click HERE

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