• Monday

    7:30-3:00 Crawford Elementary



    7:30-11 Anderson Elementary

    11:30-3:30 Crawford Elementary



    7:30-3:00 Anderson Elementary



    7:30-11 Anderson Elementary

    11:30-3:30 Crawford Elementary



    7:30-11 Crawford Elementary

    11:30-3:30 Anderson Elementary

FNSBSD Counseling Standards

  • Student Mindsets and Behaviors
    Currently, work is underway to bring our districts Comprehensive Counseling Program Handbook in line with the national framework. There have been some changes in standards over the last couple years, which included a move to student mindsets and behaviors that includes standards that can be achieved through any of the three domains (academic, career, personal/social - now social emotional). We began work on this handbook last spring, and it is still underway. You can access the PDF of the National Model's Student Mindset and Behaviors here.