Support Students and Your Community


    Be an advocate for the students in the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District and make a difference in your community.

    It can be difficult to be heard on the national level, but your voice can make a big difference in your borough and your state. Emailing your representatives, calling, or providing public testimony are all ways to be heard. You can also tweet, share your support on social media, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

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Share Your Voice With Your Representatives

      Alaska State Legislature

      Fairbanks Borough Assembly

      Fairbanks Board of Education

      • The Board of Education responsibilities include providing input regarding budget parameters and priorities to the superintendent pertaining to class size, programs, and objectives.

        After the superintendent presents the proposed budget, the Board of Education gathers parent, employee, and community feedback before adopting and approving the recommended budget. The recommended budget is sent to the borough and the local contribution is decided. If necessary, the Board of Education adjusts the budget to match the funding level decided by the Borough Assembly and State Legislature.

        To email the entire Board of Education, use






        Jennifer Luke, President

        (907) 687-6897
        Committee(s): Legislative-Chair
        Seat D, expires October 2022


        April Smith, Vice President

        (907) 347-1357
        Committee(s): Curriculum-Chair, Legislative
        Seat F, expires October 2023


        Erin Morotti, Treasurer

        (714) 296-8665
        Committee(s): Parent Engagement-Chair, Legislative
        Seat A, expires October 2024


        Chrya Sanderson, Clerk

        (907) 488-3866
        Committee(s): Diversity-Chair
        Seat B, expires October 2024


        Timothy Doran, Member

        (907) 712-4772
        Committee(s): Policy-Chair
        Seat E, expires October 2023


        Margaret (Maggie) Matheson, Member
        Committee(s): Budget-Chair
        Seat G, expires October 2023


        Matthew Sampson, Member

        (907) 978-1976
        Committee(s): Career Technical Education, Audit
        Seat C, expires October 2022








      Last Modified on February 11, 2022