• Hello! I’m Carol Smallwood, your Library Media Associate. I’ve been at UPK for over 15
    years.  I'm happy to be your Media Mentor for the library! University Park Library has a great
    mix of books and technology to share with you.  

    As we continue into 2023, there are 4 ways to get books:

             1. Check out physical books from the library.

             2. An ebook through our library catalog website:

                   https://destiny.k12northstar.org/common/servlet/logout.do?tm= Once you are on the
                   main page, it will show all the schools in our district. To see just what we have in our
                   own school collection, scroll down to the link that says “University Park Elementary”
                   and click on that link. It will take you to our catalog. Log in on the top-right corner of
                   the page. Use your student’s s# and the same password they use to log in for their
                   computer at school. That way, when you’re ready to place a hold for a book or to
                   access Sora, you will already be logged in. To find ebooks, type in “ebooks” in the
                   search box.

             3. An ebook thru the Sora app is available on ClassLink.

             4. You can put a HOLD on a book. If we don’t have that title in our school collection,
                  you can request it from another elementary school.


                           Our library is the heart of the school, where you can learn & create!

    The school library’s mission is to:

    Create programming that supports and allows for the investigation of intellectual curiosity, and

    where instilling the life-long love of reading as one of the main goals!

    "Reading is the original virtual reality" 

    ‒quote by Carol Smallwood @2016; University Park Elementary Library Media Associate.

    If you need to contact me:

    (907)479-6963 x 44035 or carol.smallwood@k12northstar.org

    Below you will find class schedules to help keep you on track to return books on time:

    Monday – Hinton, Marquez, Duffield (story time only), Klaes, Rowland

    Tuesday – Titus, Macomber

    Wednesday - Claar, Gray, Groth

    Thursday – possible Makerspace time

    Friday – Kennicker, Meinert, Ortis, Krenzer, McCleery, Sanders


Last Modified on January 18, 2023