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    Be A Student Worker!

    Are you looking into a career in nutrition services? Do you love working with other people? Do you want job experience? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should think about becoming a student worker! It is a great opportunity to work in a friendly and educational environment where you'll be able to work alongside professionals allowing you to learn from the best and benefit from their years of experience!

    Student workers perform activities like:

    • Preparing food
    • Serving food
    • Setting up the serving counter
    • Interacting with customers
    • Cleaning the kitchen

    Student workers must be able to:

    • Read
    • Write
    • Follow instructions
    • Work well with other people
    • Be available on short notice


    Are you an interested high school student?

    Apply through the school district’s human resources department:

    • High school students do get paid! Student workers will receive minimum wage for their work.

    Are you an interested elementary or middle school student?

    • Speak with the kitchen manager at your school! They will explain what steps to take and will help you become a student worker.
    • Middle and elementary school students do not get paid for their work, but they do earn a meal for their service! For example, if you worked breakfast, you earn a breakfast meal; if you worked lunch, you earn a lunch meal.




    Elementary & Middle School Student Worker Job Description

    Evaluation Form

    Professional Behavior Checklist



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