• Filewave Kiosk Filewave is the system Network Services uses to manage software on every district Apple computer.

    The Filewave Kiosk is a new system we're using. The kiosk is installed on the new teacher rollout laptops and can be accessed by clicking the red icon near the clock. The kiosk will only appear if you're on a district network.

    If you select Install Software, it will show you a list of district-licensed software that's already purchased and ready to install. Simply click the Install button and after a moment, a gray progress bar will appear. The software will automatically download and install.

    If you need something installed that's not in the kiosk, or software installed on a student computer, please put in a work order and a computer technician will get it installed.

    If you select Client Info, it will show you some information about your computer and Filewave settings. If the status flips between Check for new model and Running, the Filewave client is idle on your computer.

    Please contact the help desk if you need any assistance.


Last Modified on March 19, 2021