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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • Q: How do I clear the cache on my browser?
    • A: Follow the steps on this site. Generally you should select Time range: All time. This will log you out of most sites.

    • Q: How do I add a printer or copier to my computer?
    • A: Follow the directions here.

    • Q: I have a question about email.
    • A: Check out the Email page.

    • Q: How can I install Adobe Creative Cloud at home?
    • A: 
      • Go to and click Sign In
      • Select Continue with Google
        • If you're not logged in with your district Google account (, please do so now
      • Select Enterprise ID
      • Select Creative Cloud and Download
      • Once Creative Cloud is installed, you can install any available Adobe software.
      • Note each piece of software is up to 2.2 GB in size, please be mindful of any bandwidth caps.

    • Q: Is Securly legit?
    • A Yes, Securly is the district's web filter. More info here

    • Q: What is LanSchool and how do I get it?
    • A: LanSchool is software that allows teachers to control student computers running macOS or Windows.

    • Q: What's with these Canon copiers?
    • A: The new copier contract which comes with new copiers.
      • They can print in color, but please select black and white unless necessary.
      • The new models are the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C355iF, 400iF, C5535i, C5550i, 6565i, and 8585i.

    • Q: How do I get software installed on my computer?
    • A: If you're on a Mac, try opening the Filewave Kiosk (red icon near the clock) and selecting Install Software. If what you want isn't available, please put in a work order. See the Filewave page for more info.

    • Q: How do I get my personal device on the BYOD network?
    • A: Follow the directions here. Note: Pending status means it's ready to connect.


Last Modified on October 27, 2022